Transferring Data to Galaxy for Processing

Launching Galaxy / Alveo

The version of the Galaxy processing engine which is tailored for use with Alveo can be launched directly from Alveo. It will use Alveo data.

To launch Galaxy / Alveo...
  • Click on Item Lists in the Alveo Navigation Bar.
  • Click the name of the Item List that you want to access in Galaxy.
  • Click on and from the dropdown menu select Use in Galaxy. Galaxy will launch in a new tab of your browser.


Warning - When Galaxy / Alveo shows a login screen and you use it to log in, the data request from Alveo becomes lost. After you have logged in, you will need to close the Galaxy tab and export to Galaxy again. However, you shouldn't generally need to log out of Galaxy / Alveo, as its login info cookie has a very long expiry time, so this should be a rare occurrence.

All of the Documents in all of the Items in the Item List you selected will now be accessible in Galaxy / Alveo. You will be shown a Galaxy screen similar to the following.


Galaxy Operation Basics

Mostly, Galaxy operation is out of scope for this Help. However, there are a few simple tips included here to get you started.
To see Galaxy's own Help pages...    Accessing the Galaxy Help
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