Above and Beyond Speech, Language and Music

A Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science

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Alveo provides on-line infrastructure for accessing human communication data sets (speech, texts, music, video, etc.) and for using specialised tools for searching, analysing and annotating that data.

Data Discovery Interface

Browse and search collections, view documents and create lists of items for further analysis. The Data Discovery Interface provides the jumping-off point for further analysis using the Galaxy Workflow Engine, the NeCTAR Research Cloud, the R statistical package or any other preferred tool or platform. A fully featured API underpins the Data Discovery Interface, providing opportunities to extend the functionality of the Virtual Laboratory.

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Galaxy Workflow Engine

Initially targeted at genomics researchers, Galaxy is a scientific workflow system which is largely domain agnostic. The Galaxy Workflow Engine provides Alveo users with a user-friendly interface to run a range of text, audio and video analysis tools. Workflows defining a sequence of steps in an analysis can be created and then shared with other researchers.

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Accessible to non-technical researchers via workflow tools, stored protocols, and interactive GUIs, while retaining capacity for more sophisticated analyses.


Interfaces are provided to the UIMA Java framework, Python and NLTK and the Emu/R environment. Annotations are stored using RDF following a model based on the ISO LAF standard and the API makes use of an emerging standard for annotation interchange based on JSON-LD. Alveo aims to provide a rich and flexible interface to enable a wide variety of tools to exploit the data that we hold.


13 universities, 3 organisations, and 47 key investigators have provided support for sustained operational development and further capability development, including plug-in of additional tools and corpora, and specialist user support, beyond the formal conclusion of Alveo construction.


Please cite the following when referring to Alveo:

Steve Cassidy, Dominique Estival, Tim Jones, Denis Burnham, Jared Berghold (2014). “The Alveo Virtual Laboratory: A Web Based Repository API”. 9th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC 2014), Reykjavik, Iceland.

For more information on Alveo, please contact A/Prof Steve Cassidy: steve.cassidy@mq.edu.au